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Luke Thomas

Marshall Mathers Album Download Free EXCLUSIVE

With any sea change, there are are good and bad repercussions. An obvious positive is the ease of absorption. No sooner then I can read or hear about a band then watch a video, official or fan-made, on youtube, download a couple mp3's from their official website, and decide to buy their album on iTunes or Emusic. From a consumer's point of view, this allows me as much freedom as possible to know quite solidly if I like an artist's music and am willing to invest in them. No longer are the days when one buys an album purely off the strength of a single or the cover of an album only to be disappointed by the product. Caveat emptor no more.

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All of that is gone now or very close to it. iTunes allows downloading of new records on Tuesdays to coincide with the release of the physical disc, but it isn't a rule. Radiohead released their latest album on a Wednesday, Bloc Party posted their third album on a Thursday. Both seemingly arbitrarily and months before an actual CD would take up the space on a shelf. And who needs to put up with the eye-rolling sarcasm and self-righteousness of the music store clerk in person when you can just go read his blog for his picks?


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