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Buy Hbo Go Standalone

The difference between HBO and HBO Max is related to the amount of content you get per service. HBO gives you access to the HBO catalog and lets you watch HBO live if you have a subscription through a cable or satellite TV package. HBO Max is a standalone streaming service that gives you everything on HBO along with movies, shows, and other titles from WarnerMedia Entertainment.

buy hbo go standalone

Formerly known as HBO NOW, the HBO app is a standalone streamer that provides HBO content on over-the-top streaming boxes and sticks (Roku, Amazon Fire TV, etc.) without the need for a premium cable or satellite TV subscription.

HBO Max is definitely the better choice. You can get it as a standalone service and, in many cases, you can also access it at no extra cost as part of your HBO cable or satellite subscription. It costs the same as the HBO app but gives you a lot more content.

And, if you follow the train of logic far enough, all of this explains why you don't get standalone HBO Go. It's all about how difficult it is for any one of these companies to extract themselves from the relationships they have with cable companies. But give me a second to tell you why.

WarnerMedia Entertainment Feb. 12 announced that its HBO Go service is now available in Indonesia as a standalone streaming service. The app is accessible on and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store for IDR60,000 ($4) a with a seven-day free trial.

HBO Now was HBO's standalone streaming service for the US. It was similar to Netflix, in that users streamed directly from HBO and therefore did not require a third-party site, service, or cable package.

HBO Go was the streaming app for customers in the US who had a cable TV package subscription to HBO. Unlike HBO Now, HBO Go was part of a TV package and not a standalone service. Without a cable account with an HBO subscription, you couldn't log into the HBO Go app.

HBO Now and HBO Go differed in terms of how you accessed HBO content: either as a standalone streaming service for the former, or through a cable TV package for the latter. Neither of them exist anymore; you can't sign up to them.

HBO Max has been called a "platform" by Warner Media, which owns HBO. But, like the HBO app, it is a "standalone" TV streaming service in the US that doesn't require cable or a satellite subscription. It features 10,000 hours of premium shows and movies, including content from the HBO channel, as well as originals called Max Originals and programming from WarnerMedia's other brands (like the DC Universe and Cartoon Network).

Originally launched as HBO Now in 2015, HBO rebranded the streaming service to just HBO following the debut of HBO Max. It is what's called a "standalone" TV streaming service - primarily because it does not require an HBO channel subscription through your cable or satellite provider. It offers original content from the HBO channel alongside a selection of movies. It also supports simultaneous streaming and is only available in the US.

HBO Go is the network's first streaming app that lets regular HBO pay-TV subscribers watch over the internet. HBO Now is the channel's standalone streaming app that lets people subscribe to and stream HBO without any other pay TV bundles.

Confirming rumors that were floating around the industry, HBO announced that it will offer standalone streaming service in 2015. That means customers who don't subscribe to a pay TV service will be able to get HBO via a broadband connection.

HBO is continuing the slow rollout of its standalone subscription service, HBO Now. This week, the network announced the arrival of HBO Now on Amazon's two streaming devices: the Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick.

The news is sure to please fans of shows like Game of Thrones, True Detective, and The Wire, most of whom have been begging HBO to launch a standalone streaming network for years. The launch of HBO Now for Apple TV last April marked the end of that era.

This week has been filled with surprising announcements about the TV industry, but the latest one (if true) is a shocker.According to the Wall Street Journal, plans to merge HBO Max with Discovery+ will still go ahead, but the latter will still be available as a standalone service.Discovery+ has racked up 20 million subscribers globally, but the price of the service comes in at a much lower cost than HBO Max.With the two services combined, a price increase was eyed.For those who have Discovery+ without HBO Max, there are concerns they wouldn't be interested in a combined service.HBO Max clocks in at 16 a month, or 10 with ads, compared with 7 and 5 for the respective equivalents of Discovery+.Discovery+ is a success story for Warner Bros. Discovery, and it seems that execs are worried about alienating the subscribers who don't want HBO Max.The plan now is said 041b061a72


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