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Aaron Morgan
Aaron Morgan

Songs Of Maldoror

This music feels as though you have entered into a mystic, mysterious and dark taleof old. It is reinforced by the lyrics, which are old fashioned, and of high level,some of it even taken from the great poet Arthur Rimbaud. The vocals, to me, are oneof the highlights of this album. They are deep, emotional, and even sensual, with awide range, fitting the music spirit perfectly. The music is melancholic, as are thelyrics. It is mostly in slow tempo with some parts being faster, but this does notmean the songs lack energy. On the contrary, they all have much power and dynamicsand I hardly notice the tempo of the song being slow. I get carried away in thebrilliant tunes created by this talented band. The music sounds at time as old Frenchfolk themes adapted to modern standards. On other occasions it is more aggressivewith the guitars giving a rougher edge to the songs, and it is always enhanced andeven fueled by the excellent vocal performance. This deserves to receive a 5 stars rating since not only it gives me great pleasurelistening to it, but I find that this album is built and structured in a fabulousway, leading you through this voyage in the Cemetery-Tree. Each song gives anotheraspect to the album, adds more emotions and textures to the music. In my opinion, thealbum as a whole is a brilliant work, and even listening to each song separately isan enjoyable experience. But I will give it 4 stars as it is not exactly there, in the masterpieces position just yet. But not far from it too...Get this! social review comments Review PermalinkPosted Saturday, May 13, 2006 Review this album Report (Review #78043)

Songs of Maldoror

Please, get a copy of this great gem, sit comfortably in your armchair with a glass of wine, turn down the light a bit, close your eyes and have a nice time listening to this wonderfull masterpiece.5 starsWebsite: social review comments Review PermalinkPosted Thursday, February 16, 2006 Review this album Report (Review #69621)

It was made in Congo-Brazzaville. Government support was obtained forthe filming, such as the use of cars, trucks, helicopters, buildingsites, a prison, etc. Jacques Poitrenaud played the role of thetorturer; as in Monangambeee, the director used a professional actorto represent the oppressors. Similarly, she also recruited amateuractors from the Congo and exiles from Angola, many of whom spoke inlocal languages, such as Lingala and Lari. Elisa Andrade, the economistlinked to PAIGC who lived in Algeria, once again stood out in her role.MPLA activists played their own political roles, such as Manuel Videira("le chef de brigade"), Tala Ngongo (Miguel), and Lopes Rodrigues(Mussunda). The young Adelino Nelumba, playing the character Zito, was awar orphan looked after by MPLA. Also from the same political movementwas Domingos Oliveira, who played Domingos Xavier, and who was actuallya tractor driver from the north of Angola who had moved to the Congo.The film's technical team was predominantly French, and it was fromFrance, the ally of the Portuguese in the North Atlantic TreatyOrganization (NATO) where part of the budget to make the film came. Themusical soundtrack, which has a narrative role of great importance inthe film, was credited to the local group Les ombres, commanded by thevoice of Ana Wilson, as well as the songs of the Angolan musical groupN'gola Ritmos. 041b061a72


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