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Aaron Morgan
Aaron Morgan

Hack For Mu 97d |BEST|

Hot NPCs can no longer be killed using hacks Added ability to set (and show) Sky events required item name Fully translated file with additional correction Completely rewritten GM system.

Hack For Mu 97d

Working way better now Improved add command, integrated to work with the new character stats system Attack Speed is wrong log removed Added ability to completely disable gameserver logs Potions usage delay added Zombie pvp hack blocked Added ability to allow killers to enter devil square, blood castle and use shops Anti twisting slash use without weapon check added In case of missing custom sql columns, the gameserver will attempt to automatically create them Huge performance improvements Beta 31 Changelog Webzen Mu Game Server is already Running fixed - Sub servers support added Patched all startup error logs Beta 30 Changelog Option to check if inventory is empty before reset - added (2 types, 1 check equipment only, 2 check whole inventory) Option to clear inventory after reset - added Elf greater damage defense buffs duration options - added Drop command can drop kris Party exp options fixed (party bonus event should also be working correctly now) Reduced sql queries Beta 29 Changelog Minor fixes Added support for excellent items in shops - Hot Youll have to update your shop files by adding an additional 0 on each item Beta 28 Changelog Checksum crash fixed More performance improvements Beta 27 Changelog English translated gameserver Sky event hotfix Beta 26 Changelog Characterguild leave without personal id - fixed Trade hack - blocked Guild notice sql injection - fixed (directly in gs).

Pk bug - fixed (limit of 100 kills - removed) Post command delay option - added Spoof hack - blocked Disconnect hack detection - improved Trade with npc crash - fixed Sky event - improved Quest system - improved.


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