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Aaron Morgan

Mature Lady Panty

In addition to its quality construction, the Speax underwear, which we reviewed in the hiphugger style, is also stylish for such a utilitarian garment. The seamless, inconspicuous design eliminates any worries you might have about visible panty lines or unsightly bunching.

mature lady panty


Additionally, we found the material quality only average. One of our testers found that if they pulled too hard on the underwear, the seams ripped. And because of the large pad, they left an obvious panty line.

Many used panty transactions are made privately over the internet, but these carry risks.Pantydeal offers a safe alternative to this. In our marketplace, buyers and sellers can connect and communicate safely using our private chat.If there is any problem with the transaction or any instances of abuse, our team is here to help. Respect and consent is the foundation of Pantydeal.

Our range of features let you personalize your shop - and have fun with it!You can set your own prices, customize your bio and upload any photos you want.You have the option to expand your business by selling photos,videos, and other clothing items, like bras, pantyhose or socks.

Your profile is your used panty shop, and the first thing potential buyers see. Your profile will include photos of you (only the ones that you choose) and a bio (a written description of yourself). Read how to write a great bio in our magazine. Again, we recommend not giving away personal information, such as your real name or address.However, the more detailed descriptions and photos you upload, the more buyers are likely to feel a connection with you and want tobuy your used panties.

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