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What is a 1.5-2 soccer handicap? Effective strategies for playing this handicap

What is a 1.5-2 soccer handicap and why does it appear frequently on the odds tables of online betting websites nowadays? Let's explore this type of bet with Wintips and learn about some strategies to help players, especially beginners, play this bet effectively. Additionally, this article will provide a wealth of useful information related to this soccer betting option.

Understanding what a 1.5-2 handicap in soccer is

This soccer bet is one of the types belonging to Asian handicap bets and is commonly found in the odds tables of bookmakers such as 1x2 soccer. Among the various types of bets offered by bookmakers, this type of bet is favored and chosen by betting communities. Additionally, this type of bet is known by other names such as 1.75 handicap or is represented on the odds tables with the symbol 1 3/4. Some betting websites may also refer to it as a 1.5 minus 2 handicap.

The 1.75 handicap with this ratio is often offered by bookmakers in the odds tables for matches between teams with differences in strength. Understanding the 1.75 soccer handicap offered by bookmakers means that in a match, the favored team, also known as the handicap team, is expected to win by a margin of two goals or more against the underdog team.

Determining the outcome of a 1.5-2 soccer handicap

To determine the outcome of a 1.5-2 handicap bet for both the favored team and the underdog team, beginners need to understand the significance of the betting options in the bookmakers' Asian handicap bets in order to play by the rules correctly and avoid misunderstanding each betting option and placing bets recklessly.

Favored team handicap bet: This is the betting option where the player bets on the favored team, meaning the handicap team will win football prediction the match. Players who bet on this option will win if the match ends with a score where the handicap team leads by two goals or more.

Underdog team handicap bet: This is the betting option where the player believes the underdog team will perform exceptionally well and overturn the odds to football win tips. As long as the match ends with the underdog team either drawing or winning, or the handicap team winning by only one goal, those who bet on this option will win.

Examples of 1.5-2 soccer handicaps that players need to grasp

Through the following example, players, especially beginners, will better understand the meaning of the betting options and be able to easily determine whether they win in this 1.75 handicap bet. In the upcoming match between Manchester City and AC Milan, the bookmaker offers a 1.75 handicap for AC Milan.

All players bet on the favored team to win in this soccer handicap bet. Players win their bets if Manchester City wins by a margin of two goals or more. The match ends with the following scorelines: 2-0, 3-1, 3-0, 4-1, and so on.

If players bet on the underdog team AC Milan to win, they win in the following scenarios: the match ends in a draw, AC Milan wins, or Manchester City wins by only one goal against AC Milan.

Experiences when playing with a 1.75 handicap in soccer

When participating in Asian handicap betting with a 1.75 odds, players need to not only play by the rules and adhere to the regulations of the betting website but also combine and apply some experiences from seasoned bettors in the online soccer betting community. This helps increase the winning chances significantly for beginners.

Understanding the match history of each team when playing with a 1.5-2 soccer handicap

Bettors advise that researching the history of each team before deciding on a bet for a 1.75 soccer handicap is crucial. This is important as it provides players with a basis for making accurate assessments and evaluations, enabling them to make appropriate bets when playing with this 1 ¾ handicap.

Examining the recent match history of each team in their last five appearances helps players easily observe and assess their form as well as their style of play. From there, you can calculate whether the favored team is likely to score a two-goal difference or not. Alternatively, you can determine if the underdog team, which has recently shown stable performance, has the potential to overturn the 1.75 handicap.

Beginners should consider placing bets on a 1.75 handicap after the first half

For inexperienced players who lack experience and strategies in 1/1 odds analysis a 1.75 handicap, it's advisable to choose the appropriate timing for placing bets. The golden opportunity for beginners to place bets is after the first half. Although the winning odds are lower compared to betting at the beginning of the match, the risk of losing significantly decreases.

The concept of a 1.5-2 soccer handicap and how to play this type of bet have been explained in the preceding text. Players should apply the aforementioned tips from seasoned bettors when playing with a 1.75 handicap on the quality soccer tips betting platform.


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