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  1.  Must be at least 8 years of age to be in the Bingo Hall.
  2.  Each person must purchase a minimum of 2 books to be in Bingo Hall
  3.  NO Cards are to be brought in from previous sessions or other Bingo Halls.
       Anyone bringing in cards will be removed & banned from this Bingo Hall.
  4.  NO Sharing packages.
  5.  NO cards will be sold after the 3rd game begins.
  6.  Tables are setup for Social Distancing and can not be altered. One chair per person.
  7.  NO seats will be saved for unpaid persons.
  8. Cell phones should be silenced. All extended conversations are to be take outside.
  9. Bingo must be announced on the last number called. If the next number has been called 
      and you have "slept"" through your Bingo you will not be paid!  
10.  All winners must complete necessary pay form.
11.  Anyone disrupting a session can be asked to leave the Bingo Hall without a refund.
12.  We reserves the right  to change pricing payouts without prior notification.
13.  No request to change package content will be allowed.
14.  Only 1 computer allowed per person.
15.  NO Gambling on the side of any kind will be allowed in the Bingo Hall.
16.  Machines are sold on a first-come-first-served basis. No one is guaranteed a machine.


We reserve the right to reduce the payouts for any game if attendance warrants.

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